Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Haul

I love Chloe bags, and i was lucky enough to grab this one on sale. Although i would have prefer it in black, which i could wear everyday, it was out of stock so i got that one instead which i still love even though it can look a bit tacky if you pair it with too many girly accessories, because let's face it you cannot run to the supermarket with this bag, its more for night outs. The leather is gorgeous and feels luxurious, smoothe and soft  to the touch, whilst the bow detailing adds character to that little clutch. The model is See By Chloe, Rodas if you are interested.

The Body Shop strawberry body butter, smells delicious and its extremely moisturizing. The scent fades to a creamy powdery scent instead of artificial strawberries. I always repurchase different body butters, i love them, a staple in my routine!

Something non beauty related, which are books. It's my first time reading japanese authors and i really hope i enjoy them :)

What did you got for Christmas ?:)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vampy nails of the day

I am extremely impressed with the quality and application of the CND polishes. So far, one coat is enough but i usually apply 2 to be on the safe side. I love dark colours on nails, long or short. Unfortunatly i wasn't blessed with the best nails so they are a bit short at the moment. This is the polish i recently bought CND Dark ruby #540, and the colour is similar to Chanel rouge noir. It's a dark burgandy, blackened red if that makes sense. I think this may the colour i will wear the most this winter along with Chanel Particuliere.
Excuse the poor application, just look at the gorgeous colour :P

What's on your nails right now ? Those who own CND polishes are you impressed with them ?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What i am enjoying this week so far...

Since the weather has been cold here, i cannot live without gloves. Leather gloves especially. The pair pictured below is from Accessorize, dark purple suede with a cute bow. These run a bit small though, so i wouldn't recommend them if you have big hands. I also own a pair of black vintage leather gloves but this week i prefer purple, maybe because i am always dressed in dark colours :)

Makeup and fragrance wise:

  • Viktor&Rolf flowerbomb extreme. I don't really like the original one on me, it smells good on others but not my kind of scent. This one however smells a bit more like vanilla and it's a very happy scent. I have been wearing this all week, its fresh and fruity as well. Its a scent i will surely get bored of soon, just because it is not a winter scent and during cold winters i am addicted to my YSL opium or Givenchy Very Irresistable...i will let you know :)
  • Chanel ebony eyeshadow paired with Estee Lauder Double wear pencil in Onyx. I like my eyes to be dark and smudgy, this has been my go to look of the week. I trace a line with the eyeliner, who is of exceptional longevity, smudge it a bit and place some Chanel Ebony over it . I love dark eyes:) Quite smokey, bedroomy but not too neat.
  • Chanel rouge coco lipstick in Muse. My all time favourite classic dark lip shade. Its quite neutral, a tad bit frosty, brown coppery pink but dark enough to make you look polished. I love this colour and i am on my second tube. I love this range so much, the colours are to die for. And they dont smell overpowering like the Dior ones which i now refuse to wear. We cannot be in the mood for nude lipsticks all the time, right ?:)
Here are some swatches of everything, the lightning isnt the best but you get the idea. And btw ...MAC carbon < Chanel Ebony. It's a dream to apply and blend or smudge !
I am so bad at taking lip swatches and my lips are so chapped at the moment, but here are the swatches on my lips of Chanel Muse without and with flash! I will try to improve :)

What have you been wearing this week that you love ?:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Haul + Something for my Greek readers

Today i did a little bit of unexpected shopping, and this is what happens when you step into Accessorize  and you feel the need to buy something, and when Sephora has 25% off.

  • YSL rouge volupte #2 in Sensual Silk. The texture and smell is amazing. And it's a nude. Love it:)
  • Bow earrings from Accessorize
  • A bow headband from Accessorize as well, because one can never have too many headbands! Although it's not very wintery and its a tad bit too girly for me, it looked cute and i had to have it:P
The second part of my haul is nail related. I went to my nearest salon to buy a dark polish for winter, a new base coat and solar oil from CND.
  • CND Solar oil for dry cuticles. I always use this, and it works. It smells divine, just like sweet almond oil and soaks into your skin fast without leaving oily residue. You can notice a difference with this.
  • CND Stickey base coat. I needed a new one, and after reading so many reviews and blog raves i decided to purchase it and try it out!
  • CND opaque nail polish in Dark Ruby #540 (the colour reminds me of Chanel Rouge noir). I believe CND nail polishes may be one of the best on the market right now.

Something for my greek followers:

I advice you to go and get the December Elle issue, it comes with a very handy makeup bag as a gift. Here are some pictures so you can see for yourself, its ideal for travelling, as there are 2 compartiments so you can use brushes, skincare and makeup.

I hope you enjoyed! Have you purchased anything this week ?

Favourite hair accessories of the week + Lipstick of the day

As you have seen in my previous posts, i love headbands! These are the 2 i wore this week, and as a bonus a little flower i always wear when i don't feel like wearing headbands. I think its a pop of colour into my dark hair and i love it!
(Please don't mind my hair, i didnt't straighten it this week so it's a bit out of control, i wanted to use less heat on it to stop the damage)

First headband featured here is pretty neutral, but i like the bow detail and the thick material is ideal for winter. I am not really into extravagent big bows for everyday...
I got a bit inspired by Miu Miu who always gets it right, but for a cheaper price of course.

I wish i could afford a Miu Miu headband, arent they lovely ?

The second one is sparkly and i wear it at night.

Here is a cute little flower, with little crystals on it :)

I was feeling a bit more adventurous today, i thought i would share my lipstick, which is MAC Up the amp. Its between a purple and a pink. It's hard to describe this colour really, but it's not very vibrant on me and it gives a little splash of colour without being overkill. The darkness and intensity will vary depending on how pigmented your lips are. The formula is an amplified, which makes it creamy.
(Little tip, if you mix any nude with this lipstick you can get a pretty pale purple/lilac colour like Lavender Whip from MAC which is now discontinued.)

How do you wear your hair this week, and what are your favourite accessories?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let's talk about stripes:

Do you remember  statement shoulders that were so in last year ? Ruffly, pumping up the volume with shoulderpads or with embelishments, i just did not care for it. It looks good on some people, small frames specifically, but on me not so much.
(The history of the humble shoulder pad actually dates back to the 1930s, when designer of the moment Elsa Schiaparelli used them in her collections. And, in 1932, movie star Joan Crawford popularised the look when she sported shoulder pads in the film Letty Lynton.  Balmain weren't the only ones to make shoulders a focal point - Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana have gone for big shoulders with their designs for autumn/winter 09, and a slew of high street imitations were sure to follow.)
On me it just looks kind of cheap and tacky, i much prefer structured dresses and clothes that flatter my shape. But this season, i am absolutely obsessed with striped Tees, à la Brigitte Bardot.

There is something almost child like, effortless, classic yet modern about them. So i am on a mission to yet find the perfect stripped T, which i will add to my mini collection featured here.

From left to the right: Massimo Dutti, H&M, Splendid.

I usually pair my T, with a bodycon skirt and leggings, or leggings and a long cardigan over the top, even over a black dress and almost all of the time with flats.

I plan on purchasing this one from French Connection, more like a dress, but its out of stock since 1 month :( How gorgeous would that look with thick opaque matte tights and flats?

This one is a bit out of my comfort zone, but looks stunning. Kate Moss for Topshop:
Im going to chanel my inner BB tommorow, tease my hair and wear a black headband:)

What is your must have fashion item this season?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

8 most worn things :

What a tricky post to write! Narrow down all your beauty products and items seemed impossible, especially when what you wear the most isn't necessarily the most beautiful or luxurious items you own. It's just a matter of comfort and everyday wear.

So without further ado here are my 8 most worn things:

Lipstick or lip product: I had to cheat  and show you 2. When i don't have lipstick on my lips i usually wear the Korres lipbutter in jasmine during the day and at night before going to bed, that sweet caramel scent is addictive. Mac Hue is my go to lipstick. I wish it could have been MAC girl about town or Chanel rouge coco in mademoiselle but no.

Earrings: I have to cheat once again, i wear studs when my hair is up and  big earrings when my hair is lose. Featured on the pictures below  pearl studs and earrings from Accessories.

Shirt: This shirt is so cute and from a greek brand named BSB, i wear it as a tank top during summer, under my winter shirts and beneath pretty much everything, i love that hint of rosy pink and the leopard print detail is cute and not too much.

Nail polish: On with the cheating again. OPI nail envy, i ALWAYS wear this as a base or when i dont't feel like wearing nail polish, i must have this on, to make my brittle nails stronger. Now since i got Chanel Particuliere i have been wearing it every day (cheap dupe is Barry M mushroom). As for this summer, i was wearing pretty much all the time Essie Lapis of Luxury on my toes and fingernails.

Shoes: Steve Madden black suede booties. A stapple.

Hair product: Biosilk silk therapy. I apply this on the ends of my hair when my hair is dry or damp. It smells really good and it makes my hair very shiny.

Perfume: This is my signature scent since years, i wear it day and night and the scent lingers on my skin all day. As you can see my bottle is almost empty and it's probably the 4th bottle i have repurchased, it is my beloved Jean Paul Gaultier Femme.

Purse: Marc Jacobs Natasha. I wear this ALL the time, in fact i don't wear anything else. Medium sized and gorgeous leather. It can be worn as a cross body bag or as a more chic bag if you reduce the strap. All Marc jacobs bags are to die for ...

Let me know what are the things you enjoy wearing the most !

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hair supplements:

I decided i want to try some hair/skin/nails supplements, and knowing i am very digilent and that i will not forget to take them twice a day, i asked my dermatologist for some recommendation and told me that they all are pretty much the same but i could try the ones from Frezyderm. Now, alot of brands make supplements such as Ducray, Biocalpil and alot of other brands you will find at your local pharmacy.

I am going to test these for 3-4 months, taking a pill after each big meal, twice a day. Now as you can see from the pictures my hair is quite normal, it isn't oily or dry but the ends break easily because its very fine, even if i have a tons of hair. It is quite healthy because i trim it every 3 months and my diet is well balanced (tons of water, proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables and fish), i try to use heat tools only when necessary. I am aware supplements will not make your hair grow like Rapunsel, but i could get a little help to make my hair feel stronger.
So i will keep this topic updated every month to let you know how it works out. Here are some before pictures.

I had to cut them about 3 inches this summer, due to damage caused by the sea, sun. I asked my hairdresser to cut them like this.

I just straightened and curled some bits with my flat iron, not much styling required.
I am wearing a top from H&M, and Dior lipstick in 853-Red Venitian Satin which is a bit darker in real life.
Have hair supplements ever worked for you? Let me know:)

Makeup through generations:

Inspired by the beautiful Diana from one of my favourite blogs, i decided i would make this post, and i encourage everyone to make something similar because it is so captivating and interesting.
This blog post is dedicated to what my grandmother uses as part of her beauty routine, as well as my mother. Also some beauty tips from them. As Diana mentionned on her blog, i am going to be one of these old ladies who overload the blush and pink lipstick as well. I love well groomed grandmothers and the fact that they still take pride in using beauty products, even when they reach the age of 85. This is totally how i see myself in decades from now...

My grandma,85 years old has always been using Dior or Chanel as you can see. Not only makeup but skincare too. Hand cream, makeup remover, moisturizer, name it. Here are some pictures of what is on her vanity (yes she still has a big gold vanity, with a huge mirror!)
Not featured on the picture a Dior diorskin nude foundation i borrowed from her and that is a bit too dark for me unfortunately, but the consistency is amazing.
I asked my grandma for beauty tips/advice so i can share with you guys (Bare in mind these are some oldschool beauty tips) :
  • Always wash your face with cold water in the morning. (Sophia Loren says that and this is why she looks so gorgeous)
  • Go to the hairdresser every 2 weeks and always have polished and groomed nails.
  • Wear lipstick and blush.
  • Have a balanced diet and don't eat alot of sweets.
And now onto my mother, 59 years old. With a quite miserable post. My mother never liked makeup and skincare, it bores her and she does not care for it. She just wears smudgy eye khol and lipstick, removes everything with baby wipes. She also doesn't like people applying makeup on her. I wish she could experiment more, and share the same passion i have for makeup.

  • Liposan, pearly pink one.
  • Korres eye khol
  • Maybelline express volume mascara.
The only beauty advice she gave me is to drink tons of water and eat vegetable and fruits.

I hope you liked this post! What are the beauty tips and products your mother/grandmother use ?


This week's makeup bag :

I really enjoy this kind of posts when other bloggers do it, so I thought I would  give it a go, especially since it's the end of the week. This is everything I carried in my MAC makeup bag this week, it is a bit random and it changes everyday or week according to my mood, or the lipstick i am wearing that day or where i am going.
Note I would never carry so less if I was to travel, and if I had a night out I would just carry my lipstick and my powder.
Maybe some day i would make a different post with what i usually take with me for travelling or maybe a different one every week since i switch it up so often. I like to rotate products to make a good use out of them.

Straight up from my bag after spending all day out.

List :
  • Chanel ombre essentielle soft touch eyeshadow in taupe grise. I use this everyday since i bought it, day and night. Thinking of buying more of these, i love them! (amethyst & ebony)
  • YSL Touche Eclat. Honestly, i don't really know how i feel about this one, if i like it or not. Right now, i am trying to use it up so i can buy Dior Skinflash. I don't have noticable bags or darkness, but i dont see how it brightens at all. It's meh to me.
  • A hair bubble, i always need to attach my hair back if i feel hot or if i feel my hair looks bad!
  • Labello or Liposan lip balm, one of my staples.
  • Q-tip to clean the smudgy mess of mascara and eyeliner through the day.
  • MAC Coffee, a dark brown eye pencil. I love this one.
  • A little Sephora mirror with a cat on it, how cute!
  • The Body Shop tea trea oil facial blotting tissues. It does an amazing job at blotting the excess oil and providing a shine-free face.
  • Lip smacker in vanilla. I am not a gloss person, but when i want to give that extra oomph to my lips i use this, plus the smell is worth it.
  • Clinique superpowder double face powder in shade 07-matte neutral. I use it to set foundation and to touch up through the day.
  • YSL tea rose lipstick 148, rouge pure. Unfortunately this shade is discontinued:( It looks like a lighter version of MAC Hue on me, the consistency is great, so lightweight but it doesn't last very long on the lips. I like that it is an hybrid between a gloss and a lipstick, so when i dont want to wear mattes i wear this for an effortless look.
  • Too Faced retractable kabuki brush. I threw the little sponge of all my face powders to never be tempted to use them, as it absorbs all the oils and germs. Instead i use this one all over my face when i touch up, and the cap makes it great to carry around.

What do you carry in your makeup bag?

I hope you enjoyed ! Have a great weekend !

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Favourite lip combo of the moment/LOTD:

I am so over pasty nudes, there was a time where i was wearing Myth and fleshpot all the time, without realising they're way too light for me and it doesn't look right. 2 weeks ago i went to MAC for B2M, having MAC Craving lipstick in mind. Somehow i always walk away with a neutral or nude lipstick when i adventure into purchasing a darker colour. I picked Honey Love and swatched it on my lips and i loved it so i picked it up! I must say it is the ultimate Brigitte Bardot lipstick, if you want that matte nude sexy lip, go for it. It is a darker nude, a tad brown and beige but i see it working for alot of complexions actually.
On the downside, the formula is a matte and it is quite drying. I don't like wearing gloss over it because  the matte effect it provides. It lasts alot of time, and i find reapplying it throughout the day dries out my lips alot. I pair it with MAC whirl lipliner to give that dimension that make your lips appear fuller.

Some swatches on my lips, not very accurate though as it appears a tad more brown.

What is your favourite lip combo of the moment ?