Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Girl crush of the week : Emma Watson

I am in love with Emma Watson's style and how natural her makeup always looks. She is the perfect combination of simplicity, a bit edgy and always fashion forward without ever been over the top. I even adore her new pixie haircut, she is just gorgeous. I am really inspired by this picture, and i will try to recreate this outfit this week.  A knee-length cardigan with a belt around it, some leggings and combat boots. Let me know who is your girl crush !

These outfits are to die for too, she is the perfect exemple that being so simple can look amazing !

Monday, November 29, 2010


So my first post will include some of my favourite accessories, which are headbands! Most of the time i wear a headband on my hair. Since i do not dye my hair, i think the best way to embelish your style and your outfit is a beautiful headband. What i do for this effortless Brigitte Bardot look is to pop on a headband and poof my hair a little bick in the back with some teasing and let my bangs frame my face.Cherry Chau, Evita Peronni, Miu Miu and Missoni all make amazing headbands(Accessories for less money). Here are some pictures :

I am also thinking of getting one chunky knitted headband for the cold winter days, like seen for Prada! Let me know what you think :)

New to blogging !

Hello ladies,
I decided to join the beauty community after years of reading makeup blogs and watching videos and i believe i have things to share that you may enjoy, or will want to read. I am not sure yet what i will include, probably all things beauty, fashion and random thoughts on things that i love or inspire me !
Much love to everyone