Sunday, January 29, 2012

In and out of this week


  • Chanel black pearl nail polish. I caved in. I am sooo late on the bandwagon, but I love that one. 

  • Sephora nail patch art. How cute are these? So many patterns to chose from. Easy to apply too. I will report back if these chip within 1 or 2 days. I was reading the reviews and they seem to chip immediatly....
  • I am going away to France for a week soon, and i am already overwhelmed from the vast ammount of skincare and beauty products I want! French pharmacies rule! Any suggestions from brands? I want to try Lierac!
Out: Burberry body EDP. I profited from the Sephora sales, and i have no clue what possessed me. Instead of getting the new Valentino, which smells divine by the way... I got this atrocious smelling cheap junk of a perfume. Not only it smells BAD on me, but also on my mother, grandmother, and best friend. So it can't be a chemistry thing...I got sucked in reading the notes (vanilla, and musk) NO! This smells like cheap lemony roses and it smells very cheap and sour. Do not get it! Picture not included, as i threw that horror. I didn't give it to any of my friends.

That's it for me! What are your ins and outs?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Skincare haul

I had to stock on on some of my favourite products, basics and also try new ones.

  • For all you greek girls out there, don't you just LOVE the Apivita face masks? I am addicted, I admit. I got the apricot scrub and the papaya peel off mask which i both use every 2 weeks. Bonus, in some pharmacies you get a free undereye mask with rose for 2 purchases.
  • Nuxe- Reve de miel lip balm in a jar. First time i use this, i like it...the scent is refreshing but it's matte on the lips, no cute glossy effect. So I use it before bedtime.
  • I am really stocked to try the Nuxe teint eclat prodigieux, tinted moisturizer I got some samples from. I hope this will not irritate my skin, since it's heavily fragranced.
  • Avene- cleanance face mask- Great for oily skin. A staple for me.
  • Darphin- Gel lissant defatigant yeux. First time trying this product, we will see how it goes...I am on the haunt for the perfect eye cream. I was stuck between Liercac, Neostrata, Avene and this one. I will report back! (I have undereye puffiness :-( )
  • Vichy Normaderm face wash. I was out of my Apivita one ( for oily skin) which i quite liked, but i wanted to try something new. I will report back! 
  • Avene- thermal water. I use this every single day, when i wash my face, after the gym, when i want to feel refreshed, after shaving...but never to set my makeup. It's water, means it will dissolve it. I love it as it soothes the skin. It's a must for me.
What skincare items are your staples and what is your favourite eye cream?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

MAC disappoints

I bought MAC Hyperviolet paintpot (limited edition) on a whim at the MAC counter, without consulting temptalia, makeupalley and blogs first, what a shame. Now I'm stuck with a product far from great...I wanted something dark and vampy for my eyes, to go along with MAC Media lipstick so i purchased...but sadly:

  • The consistency is quite dry.
  • It goes on patchy and streaky.
  • It looks more like an off-black than a purple, even a dark purple.
  • Used as a liner it's just mediocre.
  • It looks way too matte, and makes my eyelids look dry.
(Tip: If you own this product and do not like it, try adding some shimmery eyeshadow over the top, it looks more presentable)

Presented here: swatched lightly, and packed on heavily.

Which product disappointed you lately?

Can you tell i am obsessed with Shellac yet? I present you the shade Fedora, probably my ultimate favourite!

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year, new hair!

First and foremost, I want to wish everyone a happy new year filled with happiness and health. With that said, I took a decision and chopped my hair off! All the damage my hair suffered from the summer and dying my hair ombre, made me start fresh. I always used to say that I will NEVER cut my hair, that I will keep it long for the rest of my life, but never say never, right? I needed a change and voila the results...(Please excuse the poor quality webcam pictures and the shiny face...)

(Karma necklace from dogeared. Addicted to it!)
Since my hair is curly and i need to straighten it most of the time to maintain it looking sleek, I will do a separate post including which products I use and what helps to combat the curls and frizzyness. 
Here are some pictures that inspired me and that I want to experiment with this year, the colours, the cut...I can say i am addicted to bobs now, even though it is extremely high maintenance if your hair isn't pin straight!

If you fancied a change, what would you do to your hair?