Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lavish Alice style off competition

The star of the show is probably this cape/blazer, it is timeless and elegant. Im crazy about capes in genera, but not so much about blazers, i find them looking too matronly (at least on me), so this is a perfect combination to pair with the following dress.

I cant say much about this dress apart the fact i am crazy in love with it, and the fact its a skater dress is very flattering on each body type.

Let's face it, cat-eye glasses are cool and flatter every shape face, i chose black and white because i'm not  a fan of bright colours.

Since the collar of the dress i chose, speaks for itself, no need for bracelets and necklaces thank to the awesome collar and sleeves, a ring would be the perfect jewellery piece to add. I love this one, as it's simple yet playful.

Purple and Suede? One of my favourite combos ever! Plus buckles make it look a bit more rock which i love. They add that touch of colour i want and are so feminine.

I love this classic and simple clutch, and i love the shape of it, plus it's real leather. I would wear it on a night out or even during daytime.

Here is my wishlist for the competition, of course being OBSESSED with "Wednesday Addams" type dresses, i may get that one anyway because its the best looking one i have found in a long time, unless i could pay 3 k for a Valentino or Moschino, but meh. Not a fan of colour, i decided to play with the monochrome trend and add a pop of colour, plus silver jewellry looks so much better than gold on me.
Good luck to all the girls who enter this competition !