Sunday, January 30, 2011

Huge blog sale, mostly LE MAC items.

I want to get rid of some products i have backups of, that i don't use or i never used. I have an account on makeupalley with 12 positive tokens. This is an overview of everything i have, if you want a detailed picture or information about any product, please do not hesitate to contact me at I can ship anywhere, and if it's within Europe it should be around 3 euros i think. I would appreciate if you had paypal, it makes things easier and way faster.Thank you.

Eyeshadow palettes (I would like to swap one of the palettes for the UD naked palette or Chanel ombres perlees, that is also an option:p)

  • MAC spiced chocolate quad, never used. 35 euros
  • MAC Too dolly palette, swatched yogurt once.30 euros
  • MAC Natural flare eyeshadow quad, used each colour once with a clean brush.10 euros
  • MAC Mi'Lady, used about 5 times.10 euros
  • MAC Love to love eyeshadow trio, never used. 13 euros

Highlighters and CCB: (i also have a MAC New vegas MSF with a quite battered box if anyone is interested)

  • MAC Lucent mineralize sheersheen lose powder. Never used. 12 euros SOLD
  • MAC moon river, used 3 times with a clean #187 each time. 12 euros SOLD
  • MAC perfect topping MSF. Never used, i have a backup.20 euros
  • MAC Porcelain Pink MSF. Used once with a clean brush.19 euros
  • MAC fresh morning CCB, from Emanuel Ungaro collection, used twice with a stippling brush. 9 euros

Random products
  • Britney Spears Fantasy, about 70% left. 15 euros
  • Chanel Paradoxal nail polish. It's my backup, so never used. 12 euros
  • MAC select cover up concealer in NW20. Never used. 13 euros

Eyes Part 2:
  • MAC hot contrast duo, used once and only the black side.10 euros
  • MAC Cotton Candy paint, used 2 or 3 times maximum. 9 euros SOLD
  • MAC flammable paint, used once. 10 euros [SOLD]
  • MAC Smoke signal pigment, never used. 15 euros
  • MAC Liquid last eyeliner in pop iris, used twice.(purple one) 9 euros
  • MAC liquid last eyeliner in auto-orange, used once.(copper one)9 euros
  • MAC Visionaire liquid last eyeliner, never used.(pink one)9 euros
  • MAC red velvet shadestick, never used. 10 euros

  • MAC well dressed, used once with a clean brush.12 euros [SOLD]
  • MAC breath of plum, used about 2 times with a clean brush.10 euros
  • MAC Dollymix, used about 2 times with a clean brush.10 euros SOLD
  • MAC Blushbaby, used about 2 times with a clean brush.10 euros


(All lip products have been used with a lip brush and disenfected. When i am unsure about a colour i use one, in case i want to swap the lipstick)

  • MAC Lollipop lovin, used 2x. 12 euros

  • MAC Colour crafted, used 2x 12 euros

  • MAC Lavender Whip used 2x 12 euros [SOLD

  • MAC Fashion mews used 1x 12 euros

  • MAC 2N lipglass. Never used, it's my backup. 10 euros

  • [SOLD]

    Thanks for watching!

    Thursday, January 27, 2011

    Hair caviar

    Small post dedicated to my current hair products. I always adored Kerastase, its a fabulous hair brand which is quite pricey but well worth it. I know some products are directed towards more damaged hair than mine but i still love to take care of my locks to the extreme. Previous to the bain satin range, i was using the volumactive range which is great too but since it's winter i need a bit more moisture than volume. I think a good heat protectant and a serum make all the difference.

    • Lait vital 1 conditionner
    • Nectar thermique leave in conditionner and heat protectant
    • Bain satin 1 shampoo
    • Serum apres soleil serum, i have it since this summer but i still use this and alternate with Biosilk silk therapy
    • Chroma reflect hair mask
    (If you want more in depth review of any of these products let me know)

    Here is my hair after blow drying, i hate curls so i usually straighten it or create waves with my straighteners. I have quite healthy hair, but it's fine and breaks easily so i have to take extra care of it and i rely on Kerastase most of the time.

    I just adore that hair colour for fair skin, and i love Catherine Zeta Jones all together, isn't she gorgeous?

    I also adore the messy hair look, which does not last on me whatever i do, my hair is just too slippery and i have too much. I love Diana Vickers hair, if i was blonde i would do my hair like that all the time.

    Tommorow i am going for a trim, like every 2 months to maintain my mane without split ends. I used to dye it a cool dark brown like Catherine Zeta Jones but i am a bit lazy now, and undecided between red or black, so i try to embrace my natural side (let's see how long will this last!).

    What hair products are you using now? What are your HGs for hair?


    Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    A little bit of this and a little bit of that ...

    I want to share with you the things i have been loving lately, a disapointment and a recent purchase i am head over heels with :-)

    • Benefit Skinny Jeans creaseless cream eyeshadow. I now understand why this product is so talked about. The colour is beyond gorgeous and the staying power exceptional. I think now i am addicted to cream eyeshadows. Too bad the Benefit range has no colour i am drawn to apart perhaps birthday suit, but i will now be looking into Bobbie Brown.

    • My custom made MAC neutrals palette. As you can see, be gentle when you try to break the palette to fit 5 eyeshadows, mine broke immediatly and looks very beat. However i wear these eyeshadows very often. From left to right: Mulch, Brule ( i can honestly say i prefer Blanc Type over this one, it feels a bit useless and you could for sure use powder instead of it, but i want to use it up), Handwritten, All that glitters, Cork.

    • My new gold plated earrings from, i am in love with them! The designer is Wendy Mink, and i quite like her jewellry. I m not really a fan of rose gold, i prefer silver, but these are an exception.

    • This week, i borrowed my mum and grandma's perfumes just to switch it up a bit. I used to own J'adore by Christian Dior years ago and i think its time to revisit it. I like wearing it at night time, its not my signature scent and it can lead to headaches sometimes but overall it's not so bad. I think if gold had a scent it would smell like J'adore i don't know why ...My mum and I always loved YSL opium, so when the new revisited younger version of Opium came out, we gave it a chance. At first i thought it would be a lighter, youthfull Opium but it's not that at all. The staying power isn't all that great and its a light floral with no reminescence of the original Opium. I wear it but it's not me.

    Now onto my disapointment. I wanted to shop my stash a little bit, and to experiment with blush. I have bought this Clinique blusher which looked amazing and very promising, but once on the skin the lack of pigmentation is obvious and no matter how much i try to build the colour, very little shows up. I think that this Clinique blusher is Limited Edition, i bought it last year and it's called mixed berries 01.
     (I had to rub hard for the swatch)

    In and Out...


    • Central hair parting. All of last year i tried do a side swept fringe, which resulted of looking terrible and not being really my style. I still love it on others though.
    • Berry lips. I adore MAC craving lipstick for that, as a stain or packing this amazing colour on. I think its the perfect winter colour.
    • OPI nail envy. This product is the only reason my nails grow faster and stay strong.
    • Wearing dark colours. Black, navy, emerald are my kind of colours. Luckily summer, is far enough so i can enjoy these colours still.
    • The video of 30 seconds to Mars called Hurricane. I love this long video, and the song is quite good. I usually dislike this band, but they managed to impress me now.

    • Statement shoulders. Only Alexander McQueen or Lanvin can do this right. I never liked statement shoulders on me and i don't think its a trend that will stay. It looks too 80s, rigid and costumy.
    • Blazers. I cannot understand the hype. I much prefer leather jackets or trenchcoats.
    • Leather satchel bags, Alexa Chung Mulberry type. I don't like this trend as well either, it is beyond ugly to me. Investing in a Balenciaga or Miu Miu bag is the way to go.
    • My anticipated Givenchy scarf being sold out. Bummer! ( Thanks to for processing my order and then telling me it's sold out!)
    • Dry lips. I hate hate hate dry lips. It looks bad with any lipstick and it hurts.
    • Avoiding carbs.
    I hope you enjoyed :-)

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    NOTD and 1 minute eye look

    Featuring Barry M Mushroom.
    This is one of my go-to shades ever, i love taupes and dark nails and honestly, i own Chanel Particuliere which looks exactly the same on the nails with no difference whatsoever,  and it chips on me within 24 hours so i reach out for this one way more often. Maybe i will do a review on both of them swatched side by side. I think that Barry M is amazing at duplicating the "it" colours that come out every season, with lower price and better quality.

    This is my go to look when i want a quite defined, messy but still made up eye if i have 1 minute to get ready.
    Products used:

    • MAC Cork
    • MAC coffee eye pencil
    • White shimmery eyeshadow from the Dior palette in Endless shine for the inner tearducts´
    • Maybelline Lash stiletto mascara (It´s an okay everyday mascara, not dark enough for me but lengthens well)
    • Chanel Amethyst eyeshadow
    • MAC #227 #219 brushes   
    What i do is: 
    •  place some highlight colour on my inner tearducts with the MAC #219 to help brighten up the eye
    • sweep MAC cork all over the lid with the #227
    • trace a thick line of pencil and smudge it with the same #219 
    • Apply the black Chanel eyeshadow on top of the liner to set it and darken it even more
    • line the waterline and place some shadows to set it, to avoid racoon eyes
    • Apply mascara and done!
    It honestly takes me less than 1 minute to do and i love the results.

    What is the makeup that is failproof for you, or that you do when you have no time at all?

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    An impulse buy...

    So i have always wanted a Dior palette. Lately i am so over MAC, and i want to venture into more brands and i fell in love with the buttery feel of the Dior shadows when i once swatched them at the counter. I originally planned on buying the Dior designer eye palette in amber design, but since it is permanent, i decided to skip for another time and purchase the limited edition one released for christmas  that cought my eye called Endless shine, 529. I should have known better...not only by the title of the palette but also that these shadows are all iridescent.

    I am still a bit on the fence about this, and i don´t know if i regret not sticking to my initial plan or not. Now don´t get me wrong, the colours are gorgeous and so is the pigmentation but out of 5 shadows 4 of them are highlight, frosty colours and the only colour that could be worn all over the lid is a sparkly deep brown. It´s like having MAC nylon, all that glitters, naked lunch, rice paper in a palette, there is no transition colour and the colours are very shimmery, and can lead to some glitter fallout on the cheeks, but luckily the glitter particules are very small and not so apparent on the eyes.

    Some days i just sweep any of these colours all over the lid, and use the frosty white on the inner tearduct, apply eyeliner and my eyes sparkle and shine, but this is for sure not appropriate for a matte look. This is a not a palette i will reach out for everyday, because i feel that in every palette you need that matte shade you can use all the time, but i do not hate it. Also, have you noticed that when you buy eyeshadow palettes, there is always that one particular colour that lacks pigmentation?(*cough* Clinique), well there is no hit and miss here, all the colours deliver beautifully.

    The packaging is sleek and very luxurious, what else can you expect from a brand like Dior? The velvet pouch it comes with is a bit useless imo, and so are the sponge applicators which i am about to throw. I cannot use them as they are too hard and are rough on the eyes, the Chanel ones are way more smoothe and sometimes i use them for blending if i am in a rush. As all Dior palettes, it comes with a very handy big mirror.

    Here are some pictures of these swatched.

    I hope this little review helped some of you that considered getting this palette.