Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hair caviar

Small post dedicated to my current hair products. I always adored Kerastase, its a fabulous hair brand which is quite pricey but well worth it. I know some products are directed towards more damaged hair than mine but i still love to take care of my locks to the extreme. Previous to the bain satin range, i was using the volumactive range which is great too but since it's winter i need a bit more moisture than volume. I think a good heat protectant and a serum make all the difference.

  • Lait vital 1 conditionner
  • Nectar thermique leave in conditionner and heat protectant
  • Bain satin 1 shampoo
  • Serum apres soleil serum, i have it since this summer but i still use this and alternate with Biosilk silk therapy
  • Chroma reflect hair mask
(If you want more in depth review of any of these products let me know)

Here is my hair after blow drying, i hate curls so i usually straighten it or create waves with my straighteners. I have quite healthy hair, but it's fine and breaks easily so i have to take extra care of it and i rely on Kerastase most of the time.

I just adore that hair colour for fair skin, and i love Catherine Zeta Jones all together, isn't she gorgeous?

I also adore the messy hair look, which does not last on me whatever i do, my hair is just too slippery and i have too much. I love Diana Vickers hair, if i was blonde i would do my hair like that all the time.

Tommorow i am going for a trim, like every 2 months to maintain my mane without split ends. I used to dye it a cool dark brown like Catherine Zeta Jones but i am a bit lazy now, and undecided between red or black, so i try to embrace my natural side (let's see how long will this last!).

What hair products are you using now? What are your HGs for hair?



  1. I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

  2. My HG hair product is the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. I swear by it!! There's a review on my blog somewhere about it.

    Also on my blog is... an award for you!! Yay! Haha! Go check it out!

    Andrée xx

  3. Hey! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please check it out on my blog here:

  4. I use Kiels and Pantene!!!! Kiels when I want to splurge and use Pantene (when I run out of Kiels!!)hahaa....It's all figured out!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  5. I love the messy hair too. My HD hair products would have to be moroccan oil, aveda dry hair mask, and Purology shampoo. :) Thank you for stopping by my blog. Following yours now.

  6. beautiful hair )

  7. am bad when it comes to hair care ,,
    but have a happy trim =D
    and i loveee Catherine Zeta Jones hair =/ envy

  8. im gunna have to try these <3
    Thanks for sharing!!!


    Love, L

  9. I super love this! it's my favorite haircare. It makes my hair feel so clean, light and literally happy hehe:-)

  10. hmm
    i was wondering about kerastase.
    I;m really jealous of your curly hair..

  11. I have really long black hair and I usually just use any shampoo or conditioner and then let it airdry. I rarely use blow dryer or heat styling though. I would love to have more volume for my hair though! So I'm thinking of trying Karatase, maybe it'll be my special splurge this month :-) xooxoxxoo

  12. When I opt for a messy look I always use sea-salt spray :) you should try it!

    F. ( x

  13. I like the messy look, very cute.



  14. wooow !
    amazing blog ; ) interesting post!

    if U want follow me and write comment ;* xoxo

  15. Catherine Zeta Jones is so pretty! She does have great hair! :)

    Good luck with your new products!

  16. I have actually ordered Teenage Dream, cant wait to try it :)

  17. ..I love kerastese ..but my favorite is Aussie hair products ..

  18. i ALWAYS look at the kerastase line and i want to try it so bad but it is sooo expensive. you are making me want to really try it out!!

  19. I really love messy hair too when it is done right. Too messy ends up looking dirty =). you are right it is hard if your hair is slippery

  20. i love kerastase products! wish they werent so expensive but think im going to have to give in and purchase! thanks for sharing lovely xoxo

  21. Nice post! Catherine Zeta Jones really is gorgeous - her hair and makeup is always beautiful :) I love when I go to the hairdressers and they use Kerastase products because I just couldnt afford to splash out on them myself! I wash my hair fairly frequently so cost is always an issue when I'm buying new goodies. At the minute I'm loving the Dove repair range and I really like the Soap & Glory stuff too! ♥

  22. I've wanted to try Kerastase products for a long time, especially the hair serum in the orange pump. What gets me is the high prices, but I think I really need to invest in one. I have damaged hair :(

  23. Love Catherine's hair here, too.

  24. Ohh please review the nectar thermique if you get the chance! x