Sunday, January 30, 2011

Huge blog sale, mostly LE MAC items.

I want to get rid of some products i have backups of, that i don't use or i never used. I have an account on makeupalley with 12 positive tokens. This is an overview of everything i have, if you want a detailed picture or information about any product, please do not hesitate to contact me at I can ship anywhere, and if it's within Europe it should be around 3 euros i think. I would appreciate if you had paypal, it makes things easier and way faster.Thank you.

Eyeshadow palettes (I would like to swap one of the palettes for the UD naked palette or Chanel ombres perlees, that is also an option:p)

  • MAC spiced chocolate quad, never used. 35 euros
  • MAC Too dolly palette, swatched yogurt once.30 euros
  • MAC Natural flare eyeshadow quad, used each colour once with a clean brush.10 euros
  • MAC Mi'Lady, used about 5 times.10 euros
  • MAC Love to love eyeshadow trio, never used. 13 euros

Highlighters and CCB: (i also have a MAC New vegas MSF with a quite battered box if anyone is interested)

  • MAC Lucent mineralize sheersheen lose powder. Never used. 12 euros SOLD
  • MAC moon river, used 3 times with a clean #187 each time. 12 euros SOLD
  • MAC perfect topping MSF. Never used, i have a backup.20 euros
  • MAC Porcelain Pink MSF. Used once with a clean brush.19 euros
  • MAC fresh morning CCB, from Emanuel Ungaro collection, used twice with a stippling brush. 9 euros

Random products
  • Britney Spears Fantasy, about 70% left. 15 euros
  • Chanel Paradoxal nail polish. It's my backup, so never used. 12 euros
  • MAC select cover up concealer in NW20. Never used. 13 euros

Eyes Part 2:
  • MAC hot contrast duo, used once and only the black side.10 euros
  • MAC Cotton Candy paint, used 2 or 3 times maximum. 9 euros SOLD
  • MAC flammable paint, used once. 10 euros [SOLD]
  • MAC Smoke signal pigment, never used. 15 euros
  • MAC Liquid last eyeliner in pop iris, used twice.(purple one) 9 euros
  • MAC liquid last eyeliner in auto-orange, used once.(copper one)9 euros
  • MAC Visionaire liquid last eyeliner, never used.(pink one)9 euros
  • MAC red velvet shadestick, never used. 10 euros

  • MAC well dressed, used once with a clean brush.12 euros [SOLD]
  • MAC breath of plum, used about 2 times with a clean brush.10 euros
  • MAC Dollymix, used about 2 times with a clean brush.10 euros SOLD
  • MAC Blushbaby, used about 2 times with a clean brush.10 euros


(All lip products have been used with a lip brush and disenfected. When i am unsure about a colour i use one, in case i want to swap the lipstick)

  • MAC Lollipop lovin, used 2x. 12 euros

  • MAC Colour crafted, used 2x 12 euros

  • MAC Lavender Whip used 2x 12 euros [SOLD

  • MAC Fashion mews used 1x 12 euros

  • MAC 2N lipglass. Never used, it's my backup. 10 euros

  • [SOLD]

    Thanks for watching!


    1. How much for flammable & 2n to the u.s. ?


    2. Hey, do you want to email me? I am not sure for US postage. I have to go to the post office to ask. It should be around 5 euros i guess, maybe 7.

    3. Hey there. Just request the amount through paypal, and I'll be more than happy to pay the total + postage. Thanks so much.

    4. Sure! I will go tommorow to the post office, i will post your package and another, and send you the receipt in a picture:-)

    5. Could you email me your adress, so i can prepare the package right away? I don't want to paypal you for a wrong ammount of postage...

    6. good luck with the blog sale - im on a spending ban x

    7. Wow! Your blog is very cute! I want to become a regular reader of your blog and keep track of updates if you do not mind:) Maybe you will do the same? :)

    8. I'm interesting on the Well dressed blush hun!!!Sned me e-mail at

    9. I <3 your blogg! :)
      Your so inspiring
      Izzy xx <3

    10. Goodmorning hun!!You 've got e-mail!!!

    11. hey!!! thank you so so much for your comment!! im following! your blog is so interesting for my friends! follow me and pay attention for future about ODDA! :)


    12. Hi sweetness,
      I am interested in:
      - MAC Lucent mineralize sheersheen lose powder. Never used. 12 euros
      - MAC moon river, used 3 times with a clean #187 each time. 12 euros
      - MAC Cotton Candy paint, used 2 or 3 times maximum. 9 euros
      - MAC Dollymix, used about 2 times with a clean brush.10 euros
      Shipping within Europe, (Spain)
      Paypal: tania_moran_garcia @ hotmail. com

    13. Oh, BTW, I would be thrilled if I could benefit from a tiny discount as I am purchasing a lot! No worries if it is not possible :)

    14. This is a great selection and blog! I'm really interested in the spiced chocolate quad, natural flare quad and MSF in New Vegas. What kind of deal can you give me for all 3.

    15. @CC. You can email me at ellysmakeupbag @ so we can talk about it :-)

    16. oooh...i want to buy some of these loves but I will take a look at the end of the month to see if anything has remained(that's when i get paid).
      Nice blog, by the way.
      I will follow you.
      You live in Athens right now? Nice! I leave in Athens,too!! (follow me if you like it...thanks!)

    17. Oh dear I just bought an MSF today, but I really want Porcelain Pink! I'll check back in a few weeks and hope it's still here, will you keep it up that long?

    18. mmm everything looks really nice"))

    19. OMG! Any chance you still have the Mi' Lady? And if so, do you think there is a way we could work it out so you could post it to Canada? I have been looking for this forever and ever and would DIE to get my hands on it! Thanks SO much in advance!

    20. OH ALSO! If it's still available, the natural flare quad? You can email me back if it's easier for you at

      Thank you sooo much :)

    21. Hey im interested in the MAC New vegas MSF

      MAC perfect topping MSF.

      MAC Porcelain Pink MSF & the mac lollipop loving lipstick and possibly some eyeshadows please email me its and we can talk thanks x

    22. Also fashion mews lipstick thanks :)