Sunday, November 27, 2011

This week's makeup bag

Essentials that made it through this week's makeup bag.

  • Book by Celine, very depressing. However i recommend it, the writting style is phenomenal.
  • Prada Candy. Vanilla,musk and caramel, how lovely! It's an amazing scent for layering, its not overly sweet and strong but it goes very well with my body chemistry (I love to layer it over Benefit Carmella). You should give this one a try! If you do not like sweet scents, i would urge you to smell the new scent from BVLGARI jasmin noir, its an amazing musky sensual floral.
  • MAC makeup bag
  • Korres cherry lip gloss in light purple- I am not a lipgloss person but these are amazing, so smoothe non sticky and moisturizing. This shade is fantastic too, a very light natural pink.
  • H&M black studs (came in a pack of 3, but these are my favourites)
  • YSL #7 Lingerie Pink- This one is a gift, and I usually shy away from blue based pinks but I am starting to dig baby pink lips for some reason...
  • MAC travel size #129 brush- Kinda scratchy but i use it anyway. 
  • Clinique pressed powder i use with a MAC puff to blot away the excess oils on my face during the day.
  • Bourjois delice de poudre bronzing powder #52, I use this as a blush and for contour, love the coconutty smell!
  • MAC technakohl liner in Graphblack- Trying to use it up for B2M, a bit hard to work with but at least it doesnt smudge easily.
What are your beauty essentials this week?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Under eye puffiness & DIY

After watching the latest video of Lisa Eldridge concerning undereye bags and puffiness (here is the video in question), i got inspired to make my own ice cubes to reduce the puffy effect under the eyes i have when i wake up. I am really wanting the Anne Semonin eye cubes that Lisa showed in the video! All i needed was some organic green tea, vitamin E oil and voila!
These are some of my favourite products for the under eye area, i am addicted to eye creams lately, i want to try everything on the market!

  • Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark circles tinted eye roll (LOVE this stuff!)
  • Mey Techno-Eye gel. This was quite expensive, i believe 50 or 60 euros and recommended by the dermatologist. I store it in the fridge for a cooling effect and it works nice but next time i want to try Clinique.
  • Green tea ice cubes with vitamin E.

What is your favourite under eye treatment or cream? 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shellac love & Back into the groove of things (+update)

How are all my lovely bloggers? I am excited to be back and extremely stocked to see that lollipop26 and Tali are back into the blogging world!
I want to share my latest nail obsession, shellac. Expensive but oh so worthy to me (30 euros, gasp!). I don't even care about the new nail polish releases anymore. I for one, am a creature of habit. I don't mind having the same colour on my nails for a month and more as long as it looks clean, shiny and it doesn't chip. Shellac gives me all that. I only attempted dark colours on my nails like these:



I also had rock royalty done, i forgot to take pictures sadly, but it's an amazing aubergine colour. My next one will be Fedora, a dark brown almost black vampy colour.

What is on your nails lately? Tell me your shellac experiences!

Hair update: After a failed attempt at ombre hair, i cut my hair into a bob. It is extremely hard to style curly hair when it's short and curly so i have to straighten it all the time. I loved my long hair, but the hairdresser ruined it so the only way to start fresh was to cut it.

Expect more posts from me soon!
Much love,
Elly xoxo