Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shellac love & Back into the groove of things (+update)

How are all my lovely bloggers? I am excited to be back and extremely stocked to see that lollipop26 and Tali are back into the blogging world!
I want to share my latest nail obsession, shellac. Expensive but oh so worthy to me (30 euros, gasp!). I don't even care about the new nail polish releases anymore. I for one, am a creature of habit. I don't mind having the same colour on my nails for a month and more as long as it looks clean, shiny and it doesn't chip. Shellac gives me all that. I only attempted dark colours on my nails like these:



I also had rock royalty done, i forgot to take pictures sadly, but it's an amazing aubergine colour. My next one will be Fedora, a dark brown almost black vampy colour.

What is on your nails lately? Tell me your shellac experiences!

Hair update: After a failed attempt at ombre hair, i cut my hair into a bob. It is extremely hard to style curly hair when it's short and curly so i have to straighten it all the time. I loved my long hair, but the hairdresser ruined it so the only way to start fresh was to cut it.

Expect more posts from me soon!
Much love,
Elly xoxo


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  2. I'm so glad you're back honey! How you've been?

    Hmm, Shellac would be perfect for me as I'm quite lazy with my nails- but... 30E? Gasp!!! On second thought, I don't mind a little chipping here and there! hehe

  3. OMG welcome back! Good to see you back to blogging again, and that mani looks good. Shellac is quite expensive here too, about $50 which works out 30E but I'd pay that for the fact it stays so long.


  4. Glad to see you blogging again :) I'm still yet to try Shellac - I wonder if it's worth it because I get 'bored' of colours so quickly - I change my polish colour every few days xx

  5. @Georgia- Then i do not recommend it, changing nail colours is also extremely fun! If only i had the patience ...