Monday, November 21, 2011

Under eye puffiness & DIY

After watching the latest video of Lisa Eldridge concerning undereye bags and puffiness (here is the video in question), i got inspired to make my own ice cubes to reduce the puffy effect under the eyes i have when i wake up. I am really wanting the Anne Semonin eye cubes that Lisa showed in the video! All i needed was some organic green tea, vitamin E oil and voila!
These are some of my favourite products for the under eye area, i am addicted to eye creams lately, i want to try everything on the market!

  • Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark circles tinted eye roll (LOVE this stuff!)
  • Mey Techno-Eye gel. This was quite expensive, i believe 50 or 60 euros and recommended by the dermatologist. I store it in the fridge for a cooling effect and it works nice but next time i want to try Clinique.
  • Green tea ice cubes with vitamin E.

What is your favourite under eye treatment or cream? 


  1. I'm going to take the Green tea ice cubes tip (: thanks for sharing x

  2. @LaaLaa Monroe- Let me know if it works for you! Just press it slowly and use a tissue to wrap the ice cube, that's what i do! xoxo

  3. Aha! So you tried the green tea ice cubes thing! Does it work? I'm intrigued to try it out myself- one question: what did you use for the vit E? An oil of some sort or the "juice" of vit E capsules?


  4. @cbsg5861- Yes it works! I squeezed the little capsules, and they are extremely cheap too.

  5. I use Estee Lauder Advanced night repair eye treatment. it's really good but also really expensive! :(

    Like your blog a lot btw, following you now!

    I hope you'll stop by mine sometime to say hey and follow me back if you like it :)

    Happy New Year!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x