Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alexander McQueen & Aviators

I love scarves. Since currently the infamous Alexander McQueen skull scarf is out of stock, and frankly i am happy because i opted for another one that i love just as much. I plan on getting the skull scarf someday, but i much rather have the rare kama sutra skeletons one. This one is really me, not much colour but a touch of pink to embrace the start of spring. The scarf is sold out now sadly and i bought it on revolve clothing. Next on my list has to be a Givenchy. I am wearing ray bans on the picture, no makeup but just a dab of MAC sweetie which i adore!

Also, if you are seeking for a colourful summer bag i advise you to run to Zara and get this cute coral leather pouch, it's from the new collection. It was around 40 euros, real leather, it can fit alot and it's going to be my summer bag. I am already exited to pair coral with turquoise and golds!

Are you starting to incorporate spring/summer items into your wardrobe too?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Product fail

This is a roundup of some products that did not work on me sadly because i wanted to love them.

  • MAC studio finish concealer NC30- It is extremely dry and cakey, applying it with fingers do not work since i pull on my skin too much even after warming it with my fingers. I applied it it under my eyes with my MAC #224 the pixiwoo way, and it still doesnt work, settles in my fine lines, doesnt last long, looks cakey and messy,dry and gross all together. If you zoom on my picture you can see what im talking about, i really wanted to like this product because everyone raves about it but it just doesnt do it for me. I also need to point out, i do not have bad under eye circles and that i always use an eye cream beforehand.

  • MAC satin taupe- Such a classic and cult shade which looks stunning on most people, just not on me. I look a bit dirty with it and i have the impression it does nothing to my face, on the opposite of Mulch which lifts my complexion. The formula is however great and buttery so i highly recommend it because it looks good on 99,9% of people! I still try to rock it sometimes, and give it a second chance but i am aware it doesnt really work on me. I am now on the haunt for the best taupe shade, having in mind Guerlain, armani and bunny rouge.

  • Max factor false lash effect mascara-  It's not the worst mascara i have tried but i won't be repurchasing for sure. It adds no drama to my lashes and no length either and it weights them down a bit. I have short lashes and not very full so i need all the boost i can get, and this mascara provides just  a bit of volume which is more concentrated at the roots of the lashes if that makes sense. It doesn't clump terribly and it flakes just a bit at the end of the day. I still prefer my YSL faux cils and Korres mascara. Next i want to try Clinique high impact.
I am wearing all the products on the picture.

What are the products you wanted to love but did not work for you?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Collective beauty haul

I finally picked up some items i really wanted, Sephora had 25% off and i went to MAC to B2M for 2 lipsticks. I originally went to pick up Impassioned (perfect for summer, bright and fun) and Craving (the most awesome cherry colour)  but they were out of stock :-( But i am quite happy with the shades i picked up, very wearable.

  • Ombres PerlĂ©es de Chanel Eyeshadow Palette. Just like every beauty blogger has been raving, this palette is amazing and the shadows are buttery to the touch. (I am SO late on this one, but it's worth it, can you expect something bad from Chanel? NO!)
  • MAC Shy Girl. If you are looking for a great peachy nude, not too nude either, this is the one to get. Also if you missed on Jazzed that came out last summer, Shy girl is pretty similar on the lips.
  • MAC Lovelorn. For me this is Angel's wearable sister as angel is too baby pink on me and too pigmented, this is a lustre and more wearable.
  • MUFE waterproof cream eyeshadow in #18 mauve. I saw Lisa Eldrige trying it out on one of her latest videos and i really liked the colour on her so i picked it up. It is lovely and long wearing, however when Lisa applies it it's way more pigmented. I apply it with my fingers and i have to quite pack it on to have an intense colour payoff. I want to get YSL in grey amethyst now, i am kind of obsssed with lillac/grey cream eyeshadows!
  • Essie sole matte. Awesome vampy colour, glossy and sexy.

Swatches from left to right: MUFE cream eyeshadow #18 mauve, MAC shygirl, MAC lovelorn.

Here is Lisa Eldrige's video in question.

Also, one loathe. I got a mini OPI nail polish fromt the Katy Perry collection in "not like the movies", the colour after 2 coats is still not opaque and it's too 90s for my taste. I tolerate it under some lights, under some others i dislike it haha!. I think it looks a bit dirty too and weird. It would look better on darker skintones i think.

Are you in love with purplish/grey eyeshadows too lately?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blogsale: Items left.

  • MAC spiced chocolate quad, never used. 35 euros
  • MAC Too dolly palette, swatched yogurt once.30 euros
  • MAC Natural flare eyeshadow quad, used each colour once with a clean brush.10 euros
  • MAC Love to love eyeshadow trio, never used. 13 euros
  • MAC perfect topping MSF. Never used, i have a backup.20 euros
  • MAC Porcelain Pink MSF. Used once with a clean brush.19 euros
  • Chanel Paradoxal nail polish. It's my backup, so never used. 12 euros
  • MAC select cover up concealer in NW20. Never used. 13 euros
  • MAC hot contrast duo, used once and only the black side.10 euros
  • MAC Smoke signal pigment, never used. 15 euros
  • MAC liquid last eyeliner in auto-orange, used once.(copper one)9 euros
  • MAC Visionaire liquid last eyeliner, never used.(pink one)9 euros
  • MAC red velvet shadestick, never used. 10 euros
  • MAC Liquid last eyeliner in pop iris, used twice.(purple one) 9 euros
  • MAC Lollipop lovin, used 2x. 12 euros
  • MAC Colour crafted, used 2x 12 euros
  • MAC Fashion mews used 1x 12 euros
  • MAC on the prowl nail polish, from hello kitty collection 10 euros used once
 This is an overview of everything i have, if you want a detailed picture or information about any product, please do not hesitate to contact me at I can ship anywhere, and if it's within Europe it should be around 3 euros i think. I would appreciate if you had paypal, it makes things easier and way faster.Thank you.