Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blogsale: Items left.

  • MAC spiced chocolate quad, never used. 35 euros
  • MAC Too dolly palette, swatched yogurt once.30 euros
  • MAC Natural flare eyeshadow quad, used each colour once with a clean brush.10 euros
  • MAC Love to love eyeshadow trio, never used. 13 euros
  • MAC perfect topping MSF. Never used, i have a backup.20 euros
  • MAC Porcelain Pink MSF. Used once with a clean brush.19 euros
  • Chanel Paradoxal nail polish. It's my backup, so never used. 12 euros
  • MAC select cover up concealer in NW20. Never used. 13 euros
  • MAC hot contrast duo, used once and only the black side.10 euros
  • MAC Smoke signal pigment, never used. 15 euros
  • MAC liquid last eyeliner in auto-orange, used once.(copper one)9 euros
  • MAC Visionaire liquid last eyeliner, never used.(pink one)9 euros
  • MAC red velvet shadestick, never used. 10 euros
  • MAC Liquid last eyeliner in pop iris, used twice.(purple one) 9 euros
  • MAC Lollipop lovin, used 2x. 12 euros
  • MAC Colour crafted, used 2x 12 euros
  • MAC Fashion mews used 1x 12 euros
  • MAC on the prowl nail polish, from hello kitty collection 10 euros used once
 This is an overview of everything i have, if you want a detailed picture or information about any product, please do not hesitate to contact me at I can ship anywhere, and if it's within Europe it should be around 3 euros i think. I would appreciate if you had paypal, it makes things easier and way faster.Thank you.

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