Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that ...

I want to share with you the things i have been loving lately, a disapointment and a recent purchase i am head over heels with :-)

  • Benefit Skinny Jeans creaseless cream eyeshadow. I now understand why this product is so talked about. The colour is beyond gorgeous and the staying power exceptional. I think now i am addicted to cream eyeshadows. Too bad the Benefit range has no colour i am drawn to apart perhaps birthday suit, but i will now be looking into Bobbie Brown.

  • My custom made MAC neutrals palette. As you can see, be gentle when you try to break the palette to fit 5 eyeshadows, mine broke immediatly and looks very beat. However i wear these eyeshadows very often. From left to right: Mulch, Brule ( i can honestly say i prefer Blanc Type over this one, it feels a bit useless and you could for sure use powder instead of it, but i want to use it up), Handwritten, All that glitters, Cork.

  • My new gold plated earrings from http://www.liberty.co.uk/, i am in love with them! The designer is Wendy Mink, and i quite like her jewellry. I m not really a fan of rose gold, i prefer silver, but these are an exception.

  • This week, i borrowed my mum and grandma's perfumes just to switch it up a bit. I used to own J'adore by Christian Dior years ago and i think its time to revisit it. I like wearing it at night time, its not my signature scent and it can lead to headaches sometimes but overall it's not so bad. I think if gold had a scent it would smell like J'adore i don't know why ...My mum and I always loved YSL opium, so when the new revisited younger version of Opium came out, we gave it a chance. At first i thought it would be a lighter, youthfull Opium but it's not that at all. The staying power isn't all that great and its a light floral with no reminescence of the original Opium. I wear it but it's not me.

Now onto my disapointment. I wanted to shop my stash a little bit, and to experiment with blush. I have bought this Clinique blusher which looked amazing and very promising, but once on the skin the lack of pigmentation is obvious and no matter how much i try to build the colour, very little shows up. I think that this Clinique blusher is Limited Edition, i bought it last year and it's called mixed berries 01.
 (I had to rub hard for the swatch)

In and Out...


  • Central hair parting. All of last year i tried do a side swept fringe, which resulted of looking terrible and not being really my style. I still love it on others though.
  • Berry lips. I adore MAC craving lipstick for that, as a stain or packing this amazing colour on. I think its the perfect winter colour.
  • OPI nail envy. This product is the only reason my nails grow faster and stay strong.
  • Wearing dark colours. Black, navy, emerald are my kind of colours. Luckily summer, is far enough so i can enjoy these colours still.
  • The video of 30 seconds to Mars called Hurricane. I love this long video, and the song is quite good. I usually dislike this band, but they managed to impress me now.

  • Statement shoulders. Only Alexander McQueen or Lanvin can do this right. I never liked statement shoulders on me and i don't think its a trend that will stay. It looks too 80s, rigid and costumy.
  • Blazers. I cannot understand the hype. I much prefer leather jackets or trenchcoats.
  • Leather satchel bags, Alexa Chung Mulberry type. I don't like this trend as well either, it is beyond ugly to me. Investing in a Balenciaga or Miu Miu bag is the way to go.
  • My anticipated Givenchy scarf being sold out. Bummer! ( Thanks to http://www.liberty.co.uk/ for processing my order and then telling me it's sold out!)
  • Dry lips. I hate hate hate dry lips. It looks bad with any lipstick and it hurts.
  • Avoiding carbs.
I hope you enjoyed :-)


  1. those earring are super cute ,,
    and i want to try the cream shadows ,, MUFE has great ones too

  2. Ooh! I love Skinny Jeans from Benefit! It's such a beautiful color!

    Carbs are good, as long as they are the complex carbs! =)

    Andrée xx

  3. Dry lips is in my out list too:(

  4. I love these products that you posted! Especially the pressed powder with the flower design in it. The color is nice and subtle, the way I love all my make-up :)

  5. The clinique blusher looks so pretty1one of those "Oh no i hate to spoil it makeup". I'm totally wanting that benefit cream and the earrings are so chic and stylish. Great haul you've got here:-)

  6. Loving your blog, I'm following!

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  7. I prefer blanc type to Brule as well. :) Breat post.