Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An impulse buy...

So i have always wanted a Dior palette. Lately i am so over MAC, and i want to venture into more brands and i fell in love with the buttery feel of the Dior shadows when i once swatched them at the counter. I originally planned on buying the Dior designer eye palette in amber design, but since it is permanent, i decided to skip for another time and purchase the limited edition one released for christmas  that cought my eye called Endless shine, 529. I should have known better...not only by the title of the palette but also that these shadows are all iridescent.

I am still a bit on the fence about this, and i don´t know if i regret not sticking to my initial plan or not. Now don´t get me wrong, the colours are gorgeous and so is the pigmentation but out of 5 shadows 4 of them are highlight, frosty colours and the only colour that could be worn all over the lid is a sparkly deep brown. It´s like having MAC nylon, all that glitters, naked lunch, rice paper in a palette, there is no transition colour and the colours are very shimmery, and can lead to some glitter fallout on the cheeks, but luckily the glitter particules are very small and not so apparent on the eyes.

Some days i just sweep any of these colours all over the lid, and use the frosty white on the inner tearduct, apply eyeliner and my eyes sparkle and shine, but this is for sure not appropriate for a matte look. This is a not a palette i will reach out for everyday, because i feel that in every palette you need that matte shade you can use all the time, but i do not hate it. Also, have you noticed that when you buy eyeshadow palettes, there is always that one particular colour that lacks pigmentation?(*cough* Clinique), well there is no hit and miss here, all the colours deliver beautifully.

The packaging is sleek and very luxurious, what else can you expect from a brand like Dior? The velvet pouch it comes with is a bit useless imo, and so are the sponge applicators which i am about to throw. I cannot use them as they are too hard and are rough on the eyes, the Chanel ones are way more smoothe and sometimes i use them for blending if i am in a rush. As all Dior palettes, it comes with a very handy big mirror.

Here are some pictures of these swatched.

I hope this little review helped some of you that considered getting this palette.


  1. Ohhh, I love this palette!!!
    ps. love your blog in new version:)

  2. I also got a CD palette but i haven't tried mine yet. I totally get what you're saying about 4 highlighters based on the swatches. It would've been better if its the other way around. But its still a gorgeous product though hehe:-)

  3. I almost got this palette the other day, but decided to wait for the gris-gris spring palette to come out. The colors are gorgeous but I agree there are too many light colors! It's so gorgeous though!
    Gotta love those impulse buys, huh? =P

    Andrée xx

  4. MAC's Pink Swoon and DollyMix looks amazing, i need to get them too :)
    Thank you for you're comment <3

    xoxo Christine

  5. Great post..very nice buy! Lovely blog :) Following and supporting

  6. If you are looking for a palette you can use everyday with no fuss and more importantly, no remorse, definitely pick up Too Faced's eye palette, I absolutely love it! xx

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  8. i adore Dior - have been a fave of mine since i was a teen x

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    With love, Samm
    @ www.afterstylecomesfashion.blogspot.com

  10. thanks for sharing it, I'm not so into Dior when it comes to make-up...but the packaging stuff...huh I love it *.~

  11. fantastic!!!!*_*