Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tag: "summer besties"

I was tagged by the lovely Bethany from the blog ...OBSESSIONS to LIVE FOR..., check her out if you haven't. I found that tag quite amusing since summer is here so here I am, sharing with you my summer....(Warning: quite picture heavy)

  1. Lip product- It's the time of the year to pull off bright colours, this year i chose MAC vegas volt to give me a fresh and fun lip colour. It's an amazing orange-coral that also acts as a lip stain when I don't want to look OTT. I don't use a lip liner with that one, to give it a more youthfull, street look.

2. Blush- I don't really wear blush often and during the summer time i prefer a bronzer or a blush that ressembles a bronzer:p It creates definition and a sun-kissed glow which I love. I always pair a highlighter with it to make me look more fresh. MAC refined golden and MAC CCB in hush are a must have for me during summer. A combination i recommend.

3. Nail polish- During the winter i ONLY wear dark shades. In summer, it looks quite ridiculous so pastels, turquoises and bright pinks are my best friend.

4. Liquid face product- In Greece the weather is way too hot to wear a liquid face product, unless it's sunscreen of course. That one is a given and common sense, so i rather show what i use to cover any problem areas on my face. I spot conceal or cover redness with a concealer or with a stick foundation that will give me coverage and not melt away after 2 minutes.

5. Powder face Product- It's futile to use powder in such heat, but sometimes if i really need to set my makeup I will use a Clinique face powder to keep oils at bay.

6. Hair product- Since i wash my hair so often during summer, after the beach etc...i am a bit lazy to use conditionner so i put on a leave-in conditionner that i also use at the beach to protect my hair. Lazyness being key here, i also tend to wear my hair at it's natural curlyness so a mousse is essential to stop the frizz. At 40 degrees, i doubt anyone wants to sit blowdrying their hair and straightening it.

7. Eye product- I want something easy, fast and that lasts. That's why i chose a paintpot, or any waterproof cream eyeshadow for that matter. No need for 5 eyeshadows and 10 liners.

8. Self tanner- I admit, i was never a self tanning addict. I don't mind being as pale as Dita Von Teese, and i don't mind being tan either, but only leading to long hours at the beach. I just don't like the smell and the mentality of self-tanning. I must be the only person in the world:p However, what i use religiously every summer is the Nuxe huile prodigieuse with shimmer. It makes me look shimmery and smells divine. I use that all over my body and in my hair. Also, for the first time in my life i wanted to tan a tiny bit my legs but without being orange, just golden and since i have sensitive skin, i ventured into Avene. It's okay but i loathe the smell of self tan. At least im not an oompa loompa.

9- Fashion accessory- Ray bans, vintage sunglasses and huge earrings is what i prefer. Maybe that will change as soon as i get a Chan Luu wrap bracelet.

10- Clothing piece- Nothing fashionable, but more like a necessity. Tank top and swimming suit. The top of the swimming suit can double up as a bra so it's quite versatile too.

I tag whoever wants to do this fun tag!


  1. I am dying to try that Nuxe oil. Would you reccomend it? x

  2. Love those earrings :)
    I've been eyeing that Nuxe oil for a while. Have you ever tried their lip balm? I am very curious about it

  3. Great besties!! Is that yellow polish from Illamasqua?
    P.S. I finally got Chatterbox and I LOVE it!! =)

  4. @Paint Pots & Linen- I totally recommend that oil, it doubles up as perfume for me in the summer because the smell is so good. And it's moisturizing and shimmery too!
    @Anna- I didn't even know they had a balm, now i think i need it haha! I just got some samples of a serum that i quite like.

  5. I have the Huile Prodigieuse Or on my blog sale! You're the first person in the blogosphere I've seen using it lol xx

  6. Very nice things here. Love the orange lipstick.:)

  7. great post! i use that same clinque powder and i really like it! also...i have those same ray bans!!! LOVE! :)

  8. Love the Mac orange color for lipstick :D My friends have the same haha! I wrote Jokin ok? he will write u soon!


  9. Hey I really love your blog, maybe you could check mine out?

  10. Nail polishes!!! Love the colors esp the minty Essie. Great besties you have, girl;)


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  12. That lipstick is soooooooooo pretty.

    great tag

  13. been lusting over vegas volt for a while now, such a gorgeous summery colour. Nail polishes look great too :) x