Monday, April 18, 2011


Latest collective haul. Let me know if you like these type of posts, i personally to read posts/watch videos about hauls, it helps me to visualise what people like and what is on the market.

  • Bioderma Sensibio makeup remover. It is as great as everyone claims it is, i don't think i will ever repurchase another makeup remover ever. Feels like water, remove layers and layers of makeup incredibly.
  • Klorane dry shampoo. I had never ever tried any dry shampoo, and i know alot of UK ladies rave about Baptiste dry shampoo, so i thought i would try the Klorane version (one of my favourite haircare brands). It gives me massive volume and smells great!
  • Kerastase volumactive mousse. I was in a dire need of a mousse, this one is pretty good and leaves my hair soft.
  • Clinique high impact mascata- Nothing dramatic about this mascara I must admit, i will use it for daytime as it's very soft and natural.(Nothing can beat YSL faux cils...)
  • Korres nail polish in bright pink #12
  • Korres nail polish in vert amande #92
  • MAC something special cremeblend blush. I love this new formula, so easy to blend and buildable. I think i want posey now.
  • Korres intensive colour lipgloss #13. I am in LOVE with these. The scent reminds me of MAC, very sweet and vanilla-ish, the pigmentation is amazing and it is the perfect colour for the "my lips but better" look. They feel like nothing on the lips, water based and they fade beautifully. I cannot wait to get more shades.
My makeup guard :-)

Also bought an amazing handcream, since my L' Occitane one ran out. I love french skincare!

 And a greek essential oil called Laurel oil for hair masks. Most greek girls I know, once a week deep condition their hair with olive oil and this particular essential oil that stimulates hair growth. It isn't as disgusting as it sounds, actually olive oil makes my hair so shiny and smoothe and doesn't weigh down my hair at all nor leaves it oily. I am also getting used to the herbal smell after so many years:P I will maybe do a post on how i do this hair mask.

Have a great week girls :-)


  1. I like hauls! :)

    I've been thinking of buying Bioderma for some time now and I think I should really look into where to buy it. It seems everyone likes it.

    Your cat is so cute btw!

  2. Lovely cat!:D great products!


  3. I love hauls!

    I was surprised to see that the clinique mascara didn't work for you it's one of my favourite mascaras ever! And I'm dying to try the bioderma makeup remover but it's not available in Malta might have to try ebay for it!


  4. I love hauls! Mac's creme blushes are really good builtable as you said. I've never tried clinique's mascaras I'm stuck with YSL's faux cils too. Lovely post!

  5. Hi sweetie!
    I just passed your blog &. I think it's really lovely!

    Maybe we can follow eachother?

    Hugs &. Kisses, Valerie

  6. Great haul, I love hauls!

    Your cat is adorable. :)

  7. great post :) I like hauls!!!


  8. I can't wait to get on MAC's Something Special.. It's just too pretty to ignore =P

  9. Great haul, I'd love to try out the Bioderma and Klorane products u bought!
    Nice to hear the the Volumactive mousse works well too, I have the spray and I'm very pleased with it!!


  10. Such beautiful that lip color on you! Have a lovely night :)

  11. I love the bioderma too. They do a special one for dry skin which is perfect for me. I'd really like to see or hear how you do the olive oil hair mask thing. My hair is so dry - i'm really interested. Love your blog:-)