Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The persian babe inspired

For those of you who follow the lovely Barbara on youtube (thepersianbabe), you must remember her latest tutorial on a smokey bottom lashline (Check the video here if you haven't). That is the video that inspired me to do my makeup a bit different lately, instead of charging everything on the top lid for day time, trying to smoke the lashline to create that messy, unkept effect that looks effortless and cool. I did my own twist on it, because I do not own all the same products, but also because my eye shape is different. She also has lovely brows so I tried to thicken my non existent brows a bit! In the video, she specifically mentionned to not necessarily use the same products and copy everything, so this is what I did.

Products used:

I used MAC rubenesque paint pot all over the lid, and smoked my lashline with MAC Cork, MAC handrwitten and Chanel ebony. The key is layering...And MAC fluidline on the lashline followed by coats and coats of mascara. For lips Crystal baby was perfect for this look, glossy and neutral!

I hope you enjoyed !

Which youtube video inspired you lately ?


  1. I love the persian babe's videos :) I'm not sure if I could pull off that dark lower lashline like you can though!
    Sam, of Pixiwoo, has a youtube video that totally inspires me to play with color this summer!
    It is obviously an unwearable everyday look, but it's great to take some ideas from!!

  2. That looks so pretty on you, perfect smokey look for daytime!
    I've been a bit behind on all my youtubing lately, and I'd never seen any of Persianbabe's videos so I'm off to check her out now.

  3. aw you have like all the perfect little brushes. haha!! i need!! Stop by my blog and follow if you get the chance!!! Be back soon!!! :) :)

  4. lovely look! i may try it out for work tomorrow! i have almost all those products!

    Lauren @

  5. You look gorgeous! So naturally pretty and soft :)