Sunday, December 5, 2010

8 most worn things :

What a tricky post to write! Narrow down all your beauty products and items seemed impossible, especially when what you wear the most isn't necessarily the most beautiful or luxurious items you own. It's just a matter of comfort and everyday wear.

So without further ado here are my 8 most worn things:

Lipstick or lip product: I had to cheat  and show you 2. When i don't have lipstick on my lips i usually wear the Korres lipbutter in jasmine during the day and at night before going to bed, that sweet caramel scent is addictive. Mac Hue is my go to lipstick. I wish it could have been MAC girl about town or Chanel rouge coco in mademoiselle but no.

Earrings: I have to cheat once again, i wear studs when my hair is up and  big earrings when my hair is lose. Featured on the pictures below  pearl studs and earrings from Accessories.

Shirt: This shirt is so cute and from a greek brand named BSB, i wear it as a tank top during summer, under my winter shirts and beneath pretty much everything, i love that hint of rosy pink and the leopard print detail is cute and not too much.

Nail polish: On with the cheating again. OPI nail envy, i ALWAYS wear this as a base or when i dont't feel like wearing nail polish, i must have this on, to make my brittle nails stronger. Now since i got Chanel Particuliere i have been wearing it every day (cheap dupe is Barry M mushroom). As for this summer, i was wearing pretty much all the time Essie Lapis of Luxury on my toes and fingernails.

Shoes: Steve Madden black suede booties. A stapple.

Hair product: Biosilk silk therapy. I apply this on the ends of my hair when my hair is dry or damp. It smells really good and it makes my hair very shiny.

Perfume: This is my signature scent since years, i wear it day and night and the scent lingers on my skin all day. As you can see my bottle is almost empty and it's probably the 4th bottle i have repurchased, it is my beloved Jean Paul Gaultier Femme.

Purse: Marc Jacobs Natasha. I wear this ALL the time, in fact i don't wear anything else. Medium sized and gorgeous leather. It can be worn as a cross body bag or as a more chic bag if you reduce the strap. All Marc jacobs bags are to die for ...

Let me know what are the things you enjoy wearing the most !


  1. The Steve Madden boots look very good!

  2. Love this post by the way. We have similar tastes!
    The bag is great!!!

  3. That shirt is sooo cute!!! Definitely something I would have in my closet! Great taste! =]