Thursday, December 2, 2010

Favourite lip combo of the moment/LOTD:

I am so over pasty nudes, there was a time where i was wearing Myth and fleshpot all the time, without realising they're way too light for me and it doesn't look right. 2 weeks ago i went to MAC for B2M, having MAC Craving lipstick in mind. Somehow i always walk away with a neutral or nude lipstick when i adventure into purchasing a darker colour. I picked Honey Love and swatched it on my lips and i loved it so i picked it up! I must say it is the ultimate Brigitte Bardot lipstick, if you want that matte nude sexy lip, go for it. It is a darker nude, a tad brown and beige but i see it working for alot of complexions actually.
On the downside, the formula is a matte and it is quite drying. I don't like wearing gloss over it because  the matte effect it provides. It lasts alot of time, and i find reapplying it throughout the day dries out my lips alot. I pair it with MAC whirl lipliner to give that dimension that make your lips appear fuller.

Some swatches on my lips, not very accurate though as it appears a tad more brown.

What is your favourite lip combo of the moment ?


  1. Hello there!!
    I must admit I am currently going for the nude look for lips, and I am usin MAC Blankety.
    I need to try this, I love Bardot's look in that pic!!
    New follower here, XOXO

  2. i hate blankety but swapped it away, it looked grey on me unfortunatly:( If you are a bit more fair than me, perhaps Freckletone would be a nice BB lip ! xoxo