Saturday, December 4, 2010

Makeup through generations:

Inspired by the beautiful Diana from one of my favourite blogs, i decided i would make this post, and i encourage everyone to make something similar because it is so captivating and interesting.
This blog post is dedicated to what my grandmother uses as part of her beauty routine, as well as my mother. Also some beauty tips from them. As Diana mentionned on her blog, i am going to be one of these old ladies who overload the blush and pink lipstick as well. I love well groomed grandmothers and the fact that they still take pride in using beauty products, even when they reach the age of 85. This is totally how i see myself in decades from now...

My grandma,85 years old has always been using Dior or Chanel as you can see. Not only makeup but skincare too. Hand cream, makeup remover, moisturizer, name it. Here are some pictures of what is on her vanity (yes she still has a big gold vanity, with a huge mirror!)
Not featured on the picture a Dior diorskin nude foundation i borrowed from her and that is a bit too dark for me unfortunately, but the consistency is amazing.
I asked my grandma for beauty tips/advice so i can share with you guys (Bare in mind these are some oldschool beauty tips) :
  • Always wash your face with cold water in the morning. (Sophia Loren says that and this is why she looks so gorgeous)
  • Go to the hairdresser every 2 weeks and always have polished and groomed nails.
  • Wear lipstick and blush.
  • Have a balanced diet and don't eat alot of sweets.
And now onto my mother, 59 years old. With a quite miserable post. My mother never liked makeup and skincare, it bores her and she does not care for it. She just wears smudgy eye khol and lipstick, removes everything with baby wipes. She also doesn't like people applying makeup on her. I wish she could experiment more, and share the same passion i have for makeup.

  • Liposan, pearly pink one.
  • Korres eye khol
  • Maybelline express volume mascara.
The only beauty advice she gave me is to drink tons of water and eat vegetable and fruits.

I hope you liked this post! What are the beauty tips and products your mother/grandmother use ?



  1. This is a very interesting post, your grandma sure does have a great taste in makeup. I'd love to have a grand daughter who will also feature my vanity 50 years from now...hehe:-)

  2. Your grandmother sounds fabulous in every aspect! My grandmother yells at me and tells me I waste my time trying to hide who I behind a face of make-up. She also tells me shaving my legs takes away who I am and I should embrace it, so I don't take it too heart to much when she says these things. Haha.