Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Latest perfume love:

I never liked Moschino fragrances, like Cheap and Chic for exemple, but one day at Sephora i sprayed this on me and it immediatly fell in love (I originally went there to buy Chanel number 5, but i could not pass on this !). It is the ultimate romantic, sickly sweet powdery scent. It is described as " Toujours Glamour is based on composition of Glamour edition, but refreshed with red currant and green violet leaves in charge of this mischievous elegant edition spiced with cardamom. A heart of this fragrance blooms with innocent white lily of the valley and intoxicating jasmine with a hint of bitter almond. A base intertwines heliotrope, benzoin and sensual musk."

I can smell the musk and the spicyness at first but then it dries down to a wonderful powdery, sweet almond scent (if you are familiar with The Body Shop almond line then this is the sweeter version). I am one to adore sickly sweet scents ( not like Britney spears - Fantasy that smells like rancid cupcakes on me) but more like La prairie Silver rain or Roberto Cavalli Oro. The Moschino one is way softer tho and more girly, and an in-between scent you can wear in the morning and at nightime because it is quite girly and strong at the same time but also very delicate. It is also quite longwearing, i spray it on and it lasts half of the day, not all day like Opium by YSL though.

Top: Red Currant, Green Violet Leaves
Middle: Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Almond ( the almond smell is the strongest one and the one that lasts on the skin more)
Bottom: Heliotrope, Benzoin

The bottle is actually adorable, with a purple cap and kind of heart-shaped, very feminine and girly but playful at the same time!

Here is the add, im loving it as well :

What is your latest fragrance love?



  1. Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone

  2. I heart Moschino!!!
    my favorite latest parfume is Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture
    xoxo, Olya