Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hair supplements:

I decided i want to try some hair/skin/nails supplements, and knowing i am very digilent and that i will not forget to take them twice a day, i asked my dermatologist for some recommendation and told me that they all are pretty much the same but i could try the ones from Frezyderm. Now, alot of brands make supplements such as Ducray, Biocalpil and alot of other brands you will find at your local pharmacy.

I am going to test these for 3-4 months, taking a pill after each big meal, twice a day. Now as you can see from the pictures my hair is quite normal, it isn't oily or dry but the ends break easily because its very fine, even if i have a tons of hair. It is quite healthy because i trim it every 3 months and my diet is well balanced (tons of water, proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables and fish), i try to use heat tools only when necessary. I am aware supplements will not make your hair grow like Rapunsel, but i could get a little help to make my hair feel stronger.
So i will keep this topic updated every month to let you know how it works out. Here are some before pictures.

I had to cut them about 3 inches this summer, due to damage caused by the sea, sun. I asked my hairdresser to cut them like this.

I just straightened and curled some bits with my flat iron, not much styling required.
I am wearing a top from H&M, and Dior lipstick in 853-Red Venitian Satin which is a bit darker in real life.
Have hair supplements ever worked for you? Let me know:)


  1. hey lovely blog!!
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  2. Love your hair color! I been thinking of going lighter for my hair and wanted a smilar color to this! Is that your natural hair color or do you dye it?

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the product. Good thing you're aware of the effects and how it differs from other supplements. Just like when I Buy Vega, I make sure I know the benefits.

  4. aww i love your hair! it looks so healthy...mine is not at all :(