Thursday, December 9, 2010

Favourite hair accessories of the week + Lipstick of the day

As you have seen in my previous posts, i love headbands! These are the 2 i wore this week, and as a bonus a little flower i always wear when i don't feel like wearing headbands. I think its a pop of colour into my dark hair and i love it!
(Please don't mind my hair, i didnt't straighten it this week so it's a bit out of control, i wanted to use less heat on it to stop the damage)

First headband featured here is pretty neutral, but i like the bow detail and the thick material is ideal for winter. I am not really into extravagent big bows for everyday...
I got a bit inspired by Miu Miu who always gets it right, but for a cheaper price of course.

I wish i could afford a Miu Miu headband, arent they lovely ?

The second one is sparkly and i wear it at night.

Here is a cute little flower, with little crystals on it :)

I was feeling a bit more adventurous today, i thought i would share my lipstick, which is MAC Up the amp. Its between a purple and a pink. It's hard to describe this colour really, but it's not very vibrant on me and it gives a little splash of colour without being overkill. The darkness and intensity will vary depending on how pigmented your lips are. The formula is an amplified, which makes it creamy.
(Little tip, if you mix any nude with this lipstick you can get a pretty pale purple/lilac colour like Lavender Whip from MAC which is now discontinued.)

How do you wear your hair this week, and what are your favourite accessories?


  1. I really like those headbands! Especially the sparkly one! Thanks for the post! :)
    Tamera xo

  2. The pink headband is sooo cuteand the lipstick looks good on you:-)

  3. That pink headband are adorable <3

    Thank you, i love satin taupe too, its a very pretty color :)

    xo Christine

  4. I am a new follower lovely! Up the amp is lush! My hair this week is wild curls, a bit of fun at Christmas time. ♥

  5. I love the grey bow one!
    I also love your blog, why haven't I come across you before now?? haha x

  6. love your lips!!!! and that color!!!

  7. I love the sparkly headband!

    xo, Jay

  8. I love the head bands especially the first one with the pink bow.